The 360 (Bike School)

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Bike School view

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Just like in the Driving School you have to make a burnout of 360 degrees, only now with a bike. You will get 15 seconds to make a complete circle.

The fastest way to gold

The mission begins as soon as you push the gas button. To successfully complete the mission, press the "GAS", "REVERSE" and either the "LEFT" or "RIGHT" buttons. Keep pressing these keys until you've made a full, 360 degrees, cirle. After this, release the buttons to stop the bike. You can see where you started the circle at the burned rubber on the ground.

Requirements for gold

  • Stop at the right time.
  • Overall Score has to be 100%.
  • Don't let your front wheel come of its position, as that will fail the mission.
  • No damage and don't hit a cone (very easy in this case).