The Cousins Bellic

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Mission in GTA IV
No previous mission
The Cousins Bellic
It's your Call
Starts at East Hook, Broker
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward $25,=
Off The Boat

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When you put you Grand Theft Auto IV disc in your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC for the first time, or you start a new game, you'll start with this mission. You will see Niko Bellic, the protagonist, in the hull of the ship. He is knocking on a door, asking if Dave is coming. He seems to be a bit busy however. Hossan shows up, and he and Niko head over to the deck, where they climb a ladder to enjoy the view. Now you'll see the boat enter Liberty City, de city where it all will be going to happen. After this the screen will leave the two, showing you what else is heading to Liberty City on the boat. You'll see that small packages, probably drugs, are stashed in a car, and diamonds are mixed in a soup. The ship docks, and everyone leaves. Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin, is however too late which results in a lonely waiting Niko. Eventually Roman will show up in his taxi. As you will see, he is very happy Niko has finally come to Liberty City. But he is drunk, so you will have to take the wheel. The controls will be explained while you're driving, you can read them again on this page if you missed anything.

Look on the radar in the left bottom corner to find your way to Roman's house in Hove Beach. Niko asks why Roman doesn't show him around, but Roman reacts that there is a terrorist threat so you can't cross the bridges. When you have arrived at Roman's "mansion", it turns out Roman has a tiny room in a tiny apartment. Not exactly a mansion; he lied. He lied about almost everything in his mails. He does not have a sports car, is not surrounded by women and is certainly not swimming in the money. He is a poor guy instead, who runs a small taxi company. Niko and Roman will continue to talk and argue a bit, until Roman remembers he has to take the cab back to the depot. In his rush he asks to come see him at the cab office, and ass he leaves he seems to get a, what appears to be, a nasty call from someone he calls Vlad. Roman goes, and leaves his cousin alone at his apartment. Mission passed!