The Wheelie

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Bike School view

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You will start this mission with the FCR 900. Hit the gas to start the mission and drive in a straight line to the cones. You will see two rows of cones, indicating the area in which you have to do the wheelie. As soon as you pass the first cone, go and drive on your back wheel. Keep this up until you are past the last cone than stop in the exact middle of the end area.

The fastest way to gold

Drive towards the cones. Just before you reach the first cone, pull the bike to the back by pressing the "DOWNARROW" button, or pulling the left analog stick towards yourself if you're playing with a PS2. This will make you drive on your back wheel. If it doesn't work, try releasing the gas a bit. After you drive on one wheel, press the gas again. After the cones, park in the exact middle of the area.

Requirements for gold

  • Complete the mission within 8 seconds.
  • Overall Score has to be 100%.
  • Don't hit any of the cones and don't get the bike damaged.
  • Stop the bike in the center of the area you started at.