Wu Zi Mu (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
First Base and
second Catalina-mission
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell, my Love
Starts at Marker Red County
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward $5,000.=

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Prior to this mission Cesar will call you to tell you about an illegal street-race. After the call, his marker will show up on your radar. Find a fast car with good handling on dirt-roads and drive into the marker.

A cut scene will start, you'll see CJ meeting someone called Wu Zi Mu, 'Woozie' for friends. When the cut scene is over, the race will start.

If you got a reasonably fast car, this race isn't something to worry about. Lose some speed while going into corners and make sure you stay on the track. You'll still finish first with a high amount of small mistakes so don't rush too much, one big mistake will let you fail it.

Afterwards there's another cut scene where you'll see Woozie giving a business card to CJ.


  • A good car for this race is the Buffalo, it feels pretty steady on the dirt-roads and corners aren't much of a problem either. Another choice could be the Rancher, a car build for the dirt-roads, but isn't as fast as the Buffalo.
  • Stay on the track, once you land in the water or flip upside down, the race is over.
  • This race is one of the nine Los Santos Streetraces, after this race and High Stakes, Low-Rider there are seven races left to do.


First place.
Finish marker.
Meeting Woozie.