Zero's RC Shop

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Zero's RC Shop

Zero's RC Shop in San Fierro is, as the name implies, Zeros shop for remote controlled vehicles. Zero can't pay the rent of his shop anymore, but luckily Carl Johnson buys it so he can retain his business.

During the mission 'Air Raid', the building is attacked by loads of RC Barons, controlled by Zeros nemesis Berkley. Carl Johnson and Zero are able to fight of the attacking planes with miniguns.

Zero's RC Shop becomes an asset after completing all three missions and will generate to $2,000.= a day. You can also replay the second mission (renamed to Beefy Baron) as much as you like.

Easter eggs

Several model vehicles are miniature versions of GTA San Andreas vehicles. Additionally, action figures of Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance from GTA Vice City, and James Earl Cash from Manhunt are sold in the shop.

Hidden interior
Zero's RC Shop
(Heaven N)
X = -2239,17
Y = 131,131
Z = 1035,414
Action figures