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Andromada in GTA San Andreas · Vehicle list

GTA San Andreas
Based on C17 Globe Master 3 Seats 1 Andromada in GTA San Andreas
Code 592 ANDROM Weight 40000 kg
Top speed ZZUnknown Gears ZZUnknown
Acceleration 16 m/s Transmission ZZUnknown
Engine Petrol Location None

The Andromada is a large 4-motor cargo plane in GTA San Andreas and is one of the biggest in GTA. It will only appear during the missions Stowaway and A Home in the Hills in GTA San Andreas. You can't fly the plane in either mission, but you can spawn the plane with a cheatdevice such as the Noobmode. When you are in control of this plane, you are able to open and close the cargo area, although you cannot store any vehicles in it.

The plane is named to the constellation 'Andromeda', but it is spelled with an 'a' in GTA.

Hidden interior

The cargo area that is used in the storyline is in fact not located in the plane itself, but in heaven P of the hidden interiors universe. The rest of the plane is also added around the cargo area, but it is remarkably bigger than the real plane.

Hidden interior
(Heaven P)
X = 315,6781
Y = 1036,214
Z = 1944,846
Cargo space
Cargo space

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