A Home in the Hills

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Saint Mark's Bistro
A Home in the Hills
Vertical Bird
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Madd Dogg
Reward Madd Dogg's Mansion

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This mission will start in The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. In the cut scene CJ and the Triads, sent by Woozie, are flying in an Andromada to Los Santos. While flying over Madd Dogg's Mansion the Triads will jump out of the plane with their parachutes and you'll have to go after them. Open your parachute just like them and land on the roof of the mansion. Start blasting every Vagos gang member on the roof. When they are dead others will climb up. There is armor there, which can become very useful in this mission. Keep killing the Vagos until they're all dead. From that moment you will have to guide the Triads all the way through the mansion.

When entering the mansion a cut scene will start in which you'll see one of your friends getting killed. When regaining control shoot every Vagos in that room. After that proceed to the hallway, there you'll have to defend the hallway while the Triads will clear the rooms. Don't hesitate to help them if you can, because they're not the best killers. In the next room the Triads will guard the balcony, preventing you from getting shot while you go after Big Poppa. But it's best to watch your back while doing that because there are some Vagos in the kitchen and living room behind you. These Vagos are quite sneaky and will catch you by surprise as they roll out of a side room when you pass it, so keep your guard up during the chase. When you are in need of some health, there is a pickup in the kitchen, which is mentioned earlier.

Big Poppa will leave the mansion at some point and drive off in a white Phoenix. Get in the pink Windsor standing outside the mansion and start chasing him. Make sure to keep up with him, if he's gone too far away the mission will fail. When you reach him perform some drive-by's on his car until it explodes. Now the mission is passed and the mansion will be in possession of Madd Dogg and CJ.


  • Make sure the health and armour bar are full when starting this mission because it takes quite some time to pass it and a lot of bullets will come your way during the mission.
  • Try to take cover as much as possible behind objects and walls.


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