BMX Challenge

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
BMX Challenge
Requires 40% Cycling Skill
Location Skate park, Glen Park, Los Santos
Goal 19 coronas
Reward $1,000.=
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The BMX Challenge is always available as long as you have enough Cycling Skill. To start the challenge you have to jump on the BMX located near the big half pipe. The goal of the challenge is to go through 19 coronas with the BMX before the time runs out. You start with 10 seconds and for every corona you collect you will get another 10 seconds. Some of the coronas are easy to get, located on the ground or at a height where you can reach it with a bunny-hop. If you fall off the BMX you have 25 seconds to get back on it before you fail the challenge. When you've managed to get through all the 19 coronas you pass the challenge. The challenge is still available after passing it, so it's possible to keep improving your time if you want to.


  • If you don't have enough Cycling Skill to start this challenge you could do the Courier mission in Los Santos, for which you have to deliver packages on a BMX.
  • It's recommended to start this challenge with at least 80% Cycling Skill. This way you can make the highest bunny-hops and are able to easily collect the high coronas.
  • First collect the coronas you can reach easily, so you'll have more time to collect the coronas which are tougher to reach.


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