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Los Santos

CJMarker.gif RyderMarker.gif Introduction missions

SweetMarker.gif Sweet

BigSmokeMarker.gif Big Smoke

RyderMarker.gif Ryder

OGlocMarker.gif OG Loc

CesarVialpando.gif Cesar Vialpando

CRASHMarker.gif C.R.A.S.H.

Red County and Whetstone

CRASHMarker.gif C.R.A.S.H.

Vraagteken.gif MoneyMarker.gif Catalina

TheTruthMarker.gif The Truth

CesarVialpando.gif Cesar Vialpando

San Fierro

Marker Doherty Garage

TriadCasinoMarker2.gif Triads

Marker Loco Syndicate

WoozieMarker.gif Wu Zi Mu

ZeroMarker.gif Zero

SchoolMarker.gif Driving School

CesarVialpando.gif Wang Cars

Bone County and Tierra Robada

Vraagteken.gif TorenoRanchMarker.gif Mike Toreno

SchoolMarker.gif Flight School

AirstripMarker.gif Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard

Las Venturas

TriadCasinoMarker1.gif The Four Dragons Casino

MafiaCasinoMarker.gif Ken Rosenberg

MaddDoggMarker.gif Madd Dogg

MafiaCasinoMarker.gif Salvatore Leone

CRASHMarker.gif C.R.A.S.H.

MoneyMarker.gif Bank robbery

Los Santos

TriadCasinoMarker1.gif The Four Dragons Casino

CJMarker.gif Madd Dogg's Mansion

SweetMarker.gif CJMarker.gif Grove Street Families


[1] Catalina's four missions can be done in any order. After the cut scene in The Welcome Pump and the cut scenes at Catalina's Cabin the remaining Marker options appear on the radar.

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