Barrel Roll

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Flight School in GTA San Andreas
Loop the Loop
Barrel Roll
Parachute onto Target
No award No award < 70%
Bronze Bronze award 70% - 84%
Silver Silver award 85% - 99%
Gold Gold award 100%

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Another mission with the Stuntplane, but now you need to do a barrel roll. As soon as you fly through the first corona, start steering to one side. After you have completed the barrel roll, fly through the second corona, with the plane equal to the horizon.

The fastest way to gold

After the first corona, immediately start the barrel roll. By just steering the plane will be hard to control, but when you use the flaps on the tail, it's way more controlled. What you have to do is, when you steer to the left, position the flaps on the tail like you want to do a turn to the right.

Requirements for gold

  • Complete the mission within 18 seconds.
  • The Stuntplane may not be damaged.
  • Overall Score has to be 100%.


BarrelRol Scherm.JPG
BarrelRol Gold.JPG