Flight School

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Verdant Meadows
Learning to Fly
Fender Ketchup
Starts at Marker Verdant Meadows
Given by Mike Toreno
Reward Respect
Flying Skill
Pilot license
Rustler (bronze)
Stuntplane (silver)
Hunter (gold)
Marker Victim is open

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The Flying School will boost your Flying Skill and is the only school necessary to continue with the storyline. With the Pilot Licence you've access to the airports of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. The Flying School consists of 10 challenges for which you have to get at least a 70% score for every challenge to complete the school. After completing the school three air vehicles may spawn at the airstrip, depending on how well you performed at school. Use the challenge descriptions to get gold medals in the easiest way.

Learning to Fly

You can do the following challenges at the Flying School:

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