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Catalina in GTA III
Gender Female
Gang Colombian Cartel
Hometown Red County
Liberty City
GTA San Andreas
Voice Cynthia Farrell

Catalina is a woman with great ambitions. She committed lots of bank robberies. She rushes into firefights without hesitation, and had several fiances during her criminal career. She hates men, thinks they are weak and inferior. She regularly threats with violence and has a preference for BDSM. Her behavior probably is caused by her childhood, she was neglected or even mental abused by her stepfather. In a conversation with CJ she talks a little bit about her stepfather, who favors her brother and didn't give her anything else to eat as dry bread. She is Cesar Vialpando's cousin.

GTA San Andreas

Catalina's log cabin in Fern Ridge, with Catalina and Carl inside.

When Carl Johnson is in Badlands, he meets Catalina through Cesar Vialpando, while she beats a number of men in The Welcome Pump. When she comes outside she tells Carl she wants to rob everything in the surrounding area, and that Carl can help her. Carl needs the money, so he agrees. Catalina and Carl begin a kind of relationship, in which Catalina has the upperhand. Together they commit four robberies, at which burning rubber en sizzling bullets inflames their passion. At least, for Catalina.

After their third robbery, Catalina breaks up with carl, but she is furious when she finds out that Carl has forgotten her very fast and participates with a streetrace. She tries to make Carl jealous (in vain) with her new fiance Claude, and asked if they want to race for her. Carl wins the race, but Catalina thinks Carl had an 'unfair advantage'. Nevertheless she gives Carl his price: the proof of ownership of a garage in San Fierro. (Later on turns out Catalina swindled Carl, because it wasn't a garage, but a dilapidated building). After this Catalina wants to go toLiberty City with Claude. CJ isn't regretful he is released from the hyperactive and dangerous woman, but she still calls him in which she makes clear what she thinks about CJ.


In GTA III we will see that Catalina betrays Claude during a bank robbery so she will get the catch. While Claude was arrested and condemned, she starts working with Miguel and the Colombian Carel. Together they are responsible for the spread of SPANK in Liberty City. Catalina shot Miguel and left him. Finally Claude finds her, and in a firefight between them she died.


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