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WARNING: It's recommended that you do not save the game when codes have been enabled. It may affect your game statistics, and may cause glitches. Additionally, some codes cannot be disabled.

PC cheat
PS2 cheat
Xbox cheat
Player cheats
All weapons GUNS GUNS GUNS R1R1L1R1LeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp BlackBlackLeft TriggerBlackLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Money IF I WHERE A RICH MAN R1R1L1L1LeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp BlackBlackLeft TriggerLeft TriggerLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Maximum health GESUNDHEIT R1R1L1R1LeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp BlackBlackLeft TriggerRight TriggerLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Maximum armor TURTOISE R1R1L1L2LeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp BlackBlackLeft TriggerWhiteLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Increase wanted level MORE POLICE PLEASE R1R1L1R1LeftRightLeftRightLeftRight BlackBlackLeft TriggerBlackLeftRightLeftRightLeftRight
Remove wanted level NO POLICE PLEASE R1R1L1R1UpDownUpDownUpDown BlackBlackLeft TriggerBlackUpDownUpDownUpDown
Riot ITS ALL GOING MAAAD DownUpLeftUpCrossR1R1L2L1 BlackRight TriggerYAWhiteLeft TriggerUpDown
Riot with weapons WEAPONS FOR ALL R1R1TriangleCrossL2L1UpDown (...)
Everybody attacks you NOBODY LIKES ME DownUpLeftUpCrossR1R1L1L2 DownUpLeftUpARight TriggerBlackLeft TriggerWhite
More blood NASTY LIMBS CHEAT SquareL1CircleDownL1R1TriangleRightL1Cross XLeft TriggerBDownLeft TriggerRight TriggerYRightLeft TriggerA
Change character I LIKE DRESSING UP RightDownLeftUpL1L2UpLeftDownRight RightDownLeftUpLeft TriggerWhiteUpLeftDownRight
Time goes faster TIME FLIES WHEN YOU CircleCircleCircleSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareL1TriangleCircleTriangle (...)
Time goes slower BOOOOORING (...) (...)
Vehicle cheats
Spawn Rhino GIVE US A TANK CircleCircleCircleCircleCircleCircleR1L2L1TriangleCircleTriangle BBBBBBRight TriggerWhiteLeft TriggerYBY
Invisible vehicles A NICE SET OF WHEELS L1L1SquareR1TriangleL1Triangle Left TriggerLeft TriggerXBlackYLeft TriggerY
Blow up nearby vehicles BANG BANG BANG L2R1L1R1L2R1TriangleSquareCircleTriangleL2L1 (...)
Cars can float CHITTY CHITTY B B RightR1CircleR1L2DownL1R1 (...)
Cars have more grip CORNERS LIKE MAD R1L1R1L1LeftR1R1Triangle Right TriggerLeft TriggerBlackLeft TriggerLeftRight TriggerRight TriggerY
Weather cheats
Sunny SKIN CANCER FOR ME L1L2R1R1R1R1L2Triangle Left TriggerWhiteRight TriggerBlackBlackRight TriggerWhiteY
Cloudy I LIKE SCOTLAND L1L2R1R1R1R1L2Square Left TriggerWhiteRight TriggerBlackBlackRight TriggerWhiteX
Rain I LOVE SCOTLAND L1L2R1R1R1R1L2Circle Left TriggerWhiteRight TriggerBlackBlackRight TriggerWhiteB
Storm MAD WEATHER (...) (...)
Fog PEA SOUP L1L2R1R1R1R1L2Cross Left TriggerWhiteRight TriggerBlackBlackRight TriggerWhiteA

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