El Burro

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El Burro in Grand Theft Auto
Name unknown
El Burro
Gender Male
Gang Diablos
Hometown San Andreas
Liberty City
GTA Grand Theft Auto
Voice Chris Phillips

El Burro ("The Donkey") is the leader of the Diablos. He used to live in the city of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto, but in Grand Theft Auto III he has moved to Liberty City. Not much is known about El Burro. Claude does several jobs for him, which learns us El Burro is involved with the porn industry and distributes pornographic magazines and exotic animals. El Burro is on bad terms with the Triads.

El Burro in GTA III

Although you only speak with El Burro on the phone and never actually meet him, artwork of him has been made for GTA III and the last cutscene of the San Andreas chapter of Grand Theft Auto.


  • El Burro is the only character in GTA who features in two era's.
  • The artwork on the left is also painted on a wall in GTA IV.