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Mission in GTA IV
Catch The Wave
Pest Control
Starts at JimmyMarker.png Jimmy Pegorino's House
Given by Jimmy Pegorino
Reward $12.900

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This article is about the mission in GTA IV. For the mission in GTA Chinatown Wars, see Flatliner.

When you get to Jimmy Pegorino, he will aim a pump shotgun at you. After Pegorino realises you are not there to harm him he will tell you he heard Anthony was wearing an eavesdropping device. After that he called Anthony and threatened him and Anthony got a hart attack. That would solve the problem, but no. He survived and now he is in the hospital in Leftwood.

When you arrive at the Westdyke Memorial Hospital you will notice there is a lot of security, after all he is an important witness. There are two Police Cruisers at the entrance of the hospital, so you better enter unarmed. In the main hall there are two cops and when you are close to Anthony there are two cops who tell you you can not go further. Select your shotgun and kill them, then enter the room where Anthony is. There will be a cop wearing armor, kill him and then Anthony. Now you have to leave the hospital and loose your wanted level. Go back to the exit; you will come across some other cops. They heard the gunfire and also some other cops will appear at the hospital. Kill them all, get into a car and loose your wanted level. After you lost it, the mission is passed.


There is another way to get to Anthony without the cops shooting at you. Once you are in the hospital, go to the right and then again to the right into a room. There will be a doctor’s-outfit with a marker in front of it. Get into the marker and put on the outfit. Now the cops will let you pass and Niko will ask the one in the room to leave him alone with the patient. The cop will leave you to it. Anthony is still alive because of a machine. Walk towards the monitor and shut it down. Run as fast as possible to the exit. Once the cop is back inside the room he will find Anthony dead and he will sound the alarm. Now you will have a wanted level, but you are almost at the exit. Get out, get in a car and loose your wanted level.


  • Park a fast car at the exit, to flee in.
  • A Pay ‘n’ Spray is nearby. From the hospital you drive south-east, at the end there will be a sharp turn to the left, but go straight on. You will fall, but when you go left after that, the Pay ‘n’ Spray will be at your left. You might already be inside it before any cop has seen you.
  • The doctor’s-outfit will only be available during this mission. It will not be there before or after it. If you put it on in this mission, it will remain available in your “wardrobe”