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The Cousins Bellic
Main mission This mission must be completed to continue with the story line.
Side mission This mission is not important for the story line.
RomanMarker.png Icon An icon will appear on the radar and shows where the mission can be started. The letter(s) indicate who will give you the mission.
1) Note Some missions have notes. These can be found at the bottom of the page.
RomanMarker.png Roman Bellic
It's your Call
Three's a Crowd
MichelleMarker.png Michelle
First Date
Bleed Out
Easy Fare
VladMarker.png Vladimir Glebov
Bull in a China Shop
Jamaican Heat
Hung Out to Dry LittleJacobMarker.png Little Jacob
Concrete Jungle
Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible
Uncle Vlad
Crime and Punishment
Most Wanted Vigilante FaustinMarker.png Mikhail Faustin
Do You Have Protection?
Final Destination Shadow
Logging On No Love Lost
Exotic Exports Rigged to Blow
BrucieMarker.png Brucie Kibbutz
Search and Delete
DimitriMarker.png Dimitri Rascalov
The Master and the Molotov
Easy as Can Be Russian Revolution Drug Delivery
Roman's Sorrow
Out of the Closet
Part I
MannyMarker.png Manny Escuela
Escuela of the Streets
Out of the Closet
Part II
Street Sweeper
No. 1
ElizabetaMarker.png Elizabeta Torres
Luck of the Irish
Races Blow your Cover
Algonquin accessible
PlayboyMarker.png Playboy X
Deconstruction for Beginners
The Puerto Rican Connection
DwayneMarker.png Dwayne Forge
Ruff Rider
Photo Shoot 1) The Snow Storm VraagtekenMarker.png Unknown Caller
Call and Collect
Undress to Kill
VraagtekenMarker.png Unknown Caller
Wrong is Right
Have a Heart
FrancisMarker.png Francis McReary
Final Interview
The Holland Play ULPCMarker.png United Liberty Paper
Portrait of a Killer 2)
Roman Bellic
Hostile Negotiation
Holland Nights
Dust Off
Paper Trail 3)
PackieMarker.png Patrick McReary
Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
RayMarker.png Ray Boccino
A Long Way to Fall 4)
Three Leaf Clover
Alderney accessible
Taking in the Trash GeraldMarker.png Gerald McReary
Actions Speak Louder than Words
DerrickMarker.png Derrick McReary
Meltdown I Need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle Babysitting 4)
Museum Piece
Tunnel of Death
No Way on the Subway Blood Brothers
Niko Bellic
Weekend at Florian's
Late Checkout 1) PackieMarker.png Patrick McReary
PhilMarker.png Phil Bell
Truck Hustle
I'll Take Her
JimmyMarker.png James Pegorino
Pegorino's Pride
AssassinMarker.png Assassinations RansomMarker.png Ransom 1)
Payback She's a Keeper
GambettiMarker.png Jon Gravelli
Entourage 2)
Catch the Wave Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Dining Out 4) Flatline Trespass
Liquidize the Assets
To Live and Die in Alderney
Pest Control
BernieMarker.png Bernie Crane
Hating the Haters
Union Drive
Buoys Ahoy
Bryce's Infernus
Niko Bellic
That Special Someone 3)
One Last Thing 5)
DealMarker.png Deal
If the Price is Right
RevengeMarker.png Revenge
A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
A Revenger's Tragedy Out of Commission


1) To play Ransom, you need to complete I'll Take Her, but also Photo Shoot and Late Checkout.
2) To play Entourage, you need to complete Weekend at Florian's and Payback, but also Portrait of a Killer.
3) To play That Special Someone, you need to complete Liquidize the Assets, Pest Control and Buoys Ahoy, but also Paper Trail.
4) To play Dining Out, you need to complete Entourage, but also Babysitting. To play Babysitting, you need to complete Smackdown, but also A Long Way to Fall.
5) After One Last Thing, you'll have to choose between "Deal" and "Revenge". Both choices have their own three end missions. When you've chosen Deal, you can't play the missions of Revenge and vice versa.

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