High Noon

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
High Noon
Saint Mark's Bistro
Starts at Marker Las Brujas
Given by C.R.A.S.H.
Reward None

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Finally you get to kill Eddy Pulaski! Go to Las Brujas in El Castillo Del Diablo with the suitcase. You'll see a cut scene where Tenpenny is beating Hernandez with a shovel because he passed on information, what probably leads to a trial against Tenpenny and Pulaski. You'll have to dig a grave to bury his body. When you are ready Pulaski wants to assassinate you as well, but Hernandez saves you!

Hernandez gets shot and Pulaski is taking a run for it towards his Buffalo. Get in the Bandito, follow Pulaski and try to damage his car by performing drive-by's. When the car has been sufficiently damaged Pulaski will get out. But be aware: he has a Desert Eagle, which can be very nasty for CJ's health. Kill him with a strong weapon. You'll see another short cut scene, which means you have obtained the mission.

If you let Pulaski drown you'll not get a cut scene, but you will pass the mission.


  • When Pulaski runs to his car you can try to pop his tires, this will make the chase a lot easier.


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