Joey Leone

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Joey Leone
Joey Leone
Gender Male
Gang Leone Family
Hometown Liberty City
Voice Michael Rapaport

Joey Leone is Salvatores son. It is unknown who is his mother: Salvatores wife Maria Latore is not his mother, as Joey already worked in his garage when Maria and Salvatore met. Joey runs a garage in Portland, Liberty City.

Although Joey is not seen in GTA San Andreas, Salvatore mentions him when he meets Carl Johnson in 1992, as CJ has been working for him during his years in Liberty City. In The Introduction, Carl can be seen stealing a car and calling to Joey to get the car of the road.

Claude meets Joey when he drives Misty, Joey's favourite prostitute, to his garage. Luigi Goterelli told Joey Claude could be trusted so Joey gave him several jobs. These jobs often revolve around killing a gangmember of a rival gang, such as Mike Forelli or Lee Chong. This eventually results in several gang wars between the gangs.

Joey's Garage

In cutscenes, Joey can often be seen repairing Misty's BF Injection. This special car can be found near Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM after the completion of Joey's missions.

It is unknown whether Joey becomes the new don of the Leone Family when his father dies in 2001, although he, being Salvatores son, is a logical successor.

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