Maria Latore

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Maria Latore in GTA San Andreas
Maria Latore
Gender Female
Gang Leone Family
Hometown Las Venturas
Liberty City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
Voice Debi Mazar [III] [SA]
Fiona Gallagher [LCS]

Maria Latore (somtimes referred to as Maria la Torra) is Salvatore Leone's wife. She has a knack of getting in love with the wrong persons, including Claude and Toni Cipriani. She is heavily addicted to the drug SPANK.

GTA San Andreas

Maria used to be a waitress at Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas. She met Salvatore here in 1992, when the Leone Family had a deal with two other Mafia families regarding the casino. Salvatore instantly shows an interest in Maria. Maria is reluctant at first, but she is later seen enjoying Salvatore's attention.

Maria in GTA LCS

GTA Liberty City Stories

Maria came with Salvatore when he travelled back to Liberty City and they are married by the year of 1998. She falls in love with Toni Cipriani despite of her marriage, but Toni does not want an affair with the wife of his don and their relation comes to a halt.


Maria steadily becomes tired of the power struggles of the Mafia and Salvatore's lack of attention for her. When she meets Claude in 2001, she sees him as just another obedient 'dog' of Salvatore, mockingly calling him "Fido". However, she grows font of him and goes as far as telling Salvatore she and Claude are in love. Salvatore, already getting paranoid, tries to kill Claude by sending him into a trap. Maria saves him and introduces him to her friend Asuka Kasen, who suggests they flee to Staunton Island. Maria does not return to her husband, but moves in with Asuka.

Maria in GTA III

Maria is later taught how to torture by Asuka, practising on Miguel of the Colombian Cartel. When the cartel raids the building, Maria is kidnapped by Catalina, who wants to lure Claude into her trap. Claude manages to evade the trap and kill Catalina. He rescues Maria and they can be seen walking together at the end of the storyline. Maria keeps talking hysterically about her ruined hair and how she loves Claude. When the screen fades to black, she is silenced by a gunshot, causing her fate to remain unknown.

Maria can be heard on the radio show Chatterbox. She calls into the show to tell Lazlow about her relationship with Claude. She is worried because Claude doesn't seem to be very interested in her and "doesn't talk too much". She also insinuates she fears he might be gay, as she suspects of Lazlow.