Mark "B Dup" Wayne

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Mark Wayne
Mark Wayne
B Dup
Gender Male
Gang Grove Street Families
Hometown Los Santos (Idlewood)
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor

Mark Wayne, better known as B Dup lives in a small flat in Idlewood, what is Ballas territory. B Dup lives together with Big Bear. In the mission Cleaning the Hood, CJ and Ryder ask B Dup for help. Instead of an ordinary room mate relation B Dup uses Big Bear as a slave. B Dup don't want to be involved with CJ anymore. Later on in the game you will meet him again. This time he tries to send Big Bear after you, but Big Bear chooses CJ's side and he beats up B Dup and they leave. What happens to B Dup himself is unknown.