Grove Street Families

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Grove -st- 4-life
Grove Street Families
Leader Sweet and CJ
Location Los Santos
Color Green
Weapon Knife
Desert Eagle
Gang car Na.
Rival Ballas
GTA GTA San Andreas

The Grove Street Families (also named the Orange Grove Families), named after the street 'Grove Street' where the heart of the gang is located, is the gang where it in GTA San Andreas is all about. It is the gang of Carl Johnson, who returns to the gang after his mother passes away during a drive-by of the Ballas, the biggest enemy of the Grove Street Families.

The gang had, between 1987 and 1992, lost a lot of influence due to the upcoming and rising of the crack business. The Grove Street Families are against the use of drugs and try to reduce the Ballas and their illegal business as far as possible. Although this becomes more difficult due to the fact that their own gang members become addicted to crack and therefore become dependent on the Ballas. On top of that the gang begins to fall behind on the gangs who earn money with the crack business. Eventually the gang falls apart and the Temple Drive Families and the Seville Boulevard Families choose their own path.

Shortly after Carl's arrival in Los Santos he and his brother Sweet start with the resurrection of the Grove Street Families. The different families are united again and they gain some victories over the Ballas. During the gang wars against the Ballas Carl finds out, with the help of his friend and brother in law Cesar Vialpando, that Big Smoke and Ryder are part of a conspiracy with the Ballas and C.R.A.S.H.. Unluckily Sweet is wounded and Carl can't prevent them to be ambushed by the Ballas. Sweet ends up in a jail and Carl is arrested by Tenpenny and dropped in Angel Pine, Whetstone. Now the leaders of the Grove Street Families are out of the picture the influence of the gang drops dramatically and the Ballas even take over Grove Street.

Eventually Carl gets Sweet out of jail with the help of Mike Toreno and for a second time they start to build up the Grove Street Families and reclaim their territories. Carl succeeds to kill Big Smoke and to destroy his Crack Palace, where the crack is produced. With this he eliminates the biggest source of income of the Ballas and the other crack dealing gangs and therefore the Grove Street Families have less to fear from them anymore.