Mission tree (GTA IV The Lost and Damned)

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Billy Grey
Clean and Serene
Main mission These missions must be completed to complete the storyline.
Side mission These missions are not necessary to complete the storyline.
Icon An icon will appear on the radar and shows where the mission can be started. The letter(s), shape and/or color indicates who gives you the mission.
Jim Fitzgerald
Liberty City Choppers
Angels in America
Bad Cop Drop It's War
Elizabeta Torres
Buyer's Market
Thomas Stubbs
Ashley Butler
Coming Down
Off Route
Stubbs' dirty laundry
Billy Grey
This Shit's Cursed
Jim Fitzgerald
Hit the Pipe
End of Chapter Elizabeta Torres
Heavy Toll
Bad Standing Marta Full of Grace
Shifting Weight
Ray Boccino
Diamonds in the Rough
Ashley Butler
Roman's Holiday
Collector's Item
Was it Worth it?
Thomas Stubbs
Get Lost

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