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Apart from the vehicles that appear in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned features several new vehicles. Additional notes with details about some of the vehicles can be found at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the footnote behind the vehicle.

Name Brand Vehicle Type
Angel Western Motorcycle Company Bike Motorcycle
Bati 800 Pegassi Bike Motorcycle
Bati Custom Pegassi Bike Motorcycle
Daemon Western Motorcycle Company Bike Motorcycle
Diabolus Unknown Bike Motorcycle
Double T Dinka Bike Motorcycle
Double T Custom Dinka Bike Motorcycle
Gang Burrito Unknown Car Van
Hakuchou Shitzu Bike Motorcycle
Hakuchou Custom Shitzu Bike Motorcycle
Hexer Liberty City Choppers Bike Motorcycle
Innovation Unknown Bike Motorcycle
Lycan Liberty Chop Shop Bike Motorcycle
Nightblade Unknown Bike Motorcycle
Packer [1] MTL Car Truck
Prison Bus Unknown Car Prison bus
Regina Dundreary Car Sedan (four-door)
Revenant Western Motorcycle Company Bike Motorcycle
Rhapsody Declasse Car Sedan (two-door)
Slamvan Vapid Car Van
Tampa [2] Bravado Car Muscle car
Towtruck Vapid Car Tow truck
Wayfarer Western Motorcycle Company Bike Motorcycle
Wolfsbane Western Motorcycle Company Bike Motorcycle
Yankee [3] Vapid Car Truck


[1] There is a "packer2" in the game files, the purpose of which is unknown.
[2] The Tampa can normally only been seen in the initial cut scene, and is nowhere to be found on the road, nor is it parked anywhere. However, all of the needed files are included in the game, which makes it possible to obtain the vehicle by use of a trainer or cheat device.
[3] The Yankee has a special version featured in the mission Liberty City Choppers given by Jim Fitzgerald. It cannot be obtained outside this mission.

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