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The PSP-version van GTA Liberty City Stories has a total of seven multiplayer modes. It's possible due the WLAN-function to play with a maximum of six players against each other. This is not an online feature but via a local network, through the Ad Hoc-modus. When you make progress in the storyline by completing mission you'll unlock more content that you can use in multiplayer.

Modus Type Explanation
Liberty City Survivor One player Kill as many players as possible. How? That's your choice.
Street Rage One player Race against each other through the streets of Liberty City.
Get Stretch Team Steal the limousine of the opposite team and return it to your base, while defending your own team's car.
Protection Racket Team Destroy the four Stretches of the opposite team.
Tanks for the Memories One player Try to stay as long as possible alive in the Rhino, or kill the one who's in the tank.
Hit List One player Try to kill the target as fast as you can, or try to live as long as you can when you're the target.
Wedding List One player Steal certain cars and deliver them to the drop-off point to make money.


Mega damage Quadruple damage
Health boost Improve your health
Invisibility Makes you invisible on the radar
Frenzy Rocket launcher with unlimited ammo
Sticky tires Better control over your car
Instant repair Instant repair of your vehicles

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