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All cheats that can be used in GTA Liberty City Stories are listed below. You can enter them while you are playing, by using the buttons on your PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 2. The two have nevertheless a difference: their shoulderbuttons. The PSP has two of them, a right one and a left one. The PlayStation 2 has four of them though, two left and two right. For all of the cheats you'll only need the R1-button and the L1-button. The PlayStation 2 users have to think of a L1-button instead of a Left Trigger-button, and instead of the Right Trigger-button of a R1-button.

WARNING: It's recommended that you do not save the game when codes have been enabled. It may affect your game statistics, and may cause glitches. Additionally, some codes cannot be disabled.

Uitwerking Cheat
Speler cheats
Weapon set #1

Brass knuckles, Knife, Molotov cocktail, Pistol, Shotgun, Tec-9, AK-47, Flame thrower, Sniper rifle

Weapon set #2

Katana, Remote grenades, .357, Stubby shotgun, Micro SMG, M4, Rocket launcher, Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle

Weapon set #3

Chainsaw, Grenades, .357, Combat shotgun, SMG, M4, Minigun, Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle

Get $250000 Left TriggerRight TriggerTriangleLeft TriggerRight TriggerCircleLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Maximum Armor Left TriggerRight TriggerCircleLeft TriggerRight TriggerCrossLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Maximum Health Left TriggerRight TriggerCrossLeft TriggerRight TriggerSquareLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Raise wanted level with two stars Left TriggerRight TriggerSquareLeft TriggerRight TriggerTriangleLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Never get a wanted level Left TriggerLeft TriggerTriangleRight TriggerRight TriggerCrossSquareCircle
Random outfit Left TriggerLeft TriggerLeftLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRightSquareTriangle
'Media Attention'-meter

Shows what 'Media Attention' level you are on, normally only in your statics.

Left TriggerUpRightRight TriggerTriangleSquareDownCross
Commit suicide Left TriggerDownLeftRight TriggerCrossCircleUpTriangle
Play the credits Left TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerUpDownLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Voertuig en verkeer cheats
Spawn Rhino Left TriggerLeft TriggerLeftLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRightTriangleCircle
Spawn Trashmaster TriangleCircleDownTriangleCircleUpLeft TriggerLeft Trigger
Destroy all nearby vehicles Left TriggerLeft TriggerLeftLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRightCrossSquare
Cars can drive on water CircleCrossDownCircleCrossUpLeft TriggerLeft Trigger
Vehicles have extremely much grip, and have the abillity to hop.
Press the Down-button to hop. Replaces the horn.
Left TriggerUpLeftRight TriggerTriangleCircleDownCross
Change the size form the wheels of bikes CircleRightCrossUpRightCrossLeft TriggerSquare
All traffic lights on green TriangleTriangleRight TriggerSquareSquareLeft TriggerCrossCross
Aggressive traffic SquareSquareRight TriggerCrossCrossLeft TriggerCircleCircle
White vehicles CrossCrossRight TriggerCircleCircleLeft TriggerTriangleTriangle
Black vehicles CircleCircleRight TriggerTriangleTriangleLeft TriggerSquareSquare
All vehicles are chrome plated TriangleRight TriggerLeft TriggerDownDownRight TriggerRight TriggerTriangle
Gameplay cheats
Faster clock Left TriggerLeft TriggerLeftLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRightCircleCross
Faster Gameplay Right TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerDownCross
Slower Gameplay Right TriggerTriangleCrossRight TriggerSquareCircleLeftRight
Up side down #1

Screen will be up side down, even most of the buttons will be. This and the cheat below have the same effect.

DownDownDownCrossCrossSquareRight TriggerLeft Trigger

Deactivate with following combination: UpUpUpTriangleTriangleSquareRight TriggerLeft Trigger

Up side down #2

Screen will be up side down, even most of the buttons will be. This and the cheat above have the same effect.

CrossCrossCrossDownDownRightLeft TriggerRight Trigger

Deactivate with following combination: TriangleTriangleTriangleUpUpRightLeft TriggerRight Trigger

Pedestrian cheats

Pedestrians will spontaneously start with attacking eachother

Left TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerLeftSquare
Pedestrians attack you

Pedestrians will spontaneously starting to attack Toni

Left TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerUpTriangle
Pedestrians have weapons

Pedestrians are armed with Hockey sticks, Night sticks, Pistols and Tec-9's. Is combinable with one of the two cheat above, instead of attacking with their fists they will attack with these weapons.

Right TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerRight TriggerRight TriggerLeft TriggerRightCircle
Everyone follows you DownDownDownTriangleTriangleCircleLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Drive with me

Gives the nearest pedestrian the command to get in your car, or hop on your bike. Only gives a confirmation message if you're in a vehicle and there's a ped nearby.

CrossSquareDownCrossSquareUpRight TriggerRight Trigger
"Bobble Head World"

Everyone has big heads

DownDownDownCircleCircleCrossLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Weather cheats
Sunny Left TriggerLeft TriggerCircleRight TriggerRight TriggerSquareTriangleCross
Clear UpDownCircleUpDownSquareLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Overcast UpDownCrossUpDownTriangleLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Rain UpDownSquareUpDownCircleLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Foggy UpDownTriangleUpDownCrossLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Multiplayer cheats
Multiplayer content #1

Unlocks Portland, two gangs and 14 characters in multiplayer.

UpUpUpSquareSquareTriangleRight TriggerLeft Trigger
Multiplayer content #2

Unlocks Portland, Staunton Island, four gangs and 28 characters in multiplayer.

UpUpUpCircleCircleCrossLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Multiplayer content #3

Unlocks Portland, Staunton Island, seven gangs and 43 characters in multiplayer.

UpUpUpCrossCrossSquareRight TriggerLeft Trigger
All Multiplayer content

Unlocks all islands, all gangs and all characters in multiplayer.

UpUpUpTriangleTriangleCircleLeft TriggerRight Trigger

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