NRG-500 Challenge

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
NRG-500 Challenge
Requires The Green Sabre
Location Easter Basin, San Fierro
Goal 18 coronas
Reward $1,000.=
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The NRG-500 Challenge shows some resemblance to the BMX-Challenge, except for one thing: you're on the fastest two-wheeled vehicle in the game, the NRG-500. You can start this challenge by jumping on the NRG-500 at the dry-dock in Easter Basin, close to the Import/Export Crane. The dry-dock is like a bathtub and the challenge will put coronas all around it. It's your task to collect all the coronas within the time limit. You'll start with 10 seconds and for every corona you collect you'll get another 10 seconds. Your radar will show you where all the coronas can be found and their height in comparison to you. A square tells you the corona is at the same height, a triangle pointing downwards is located at a lower height and a triangle pointing upwards is located at a higher height. The high coronas are tough to collect, you have to stunt using the wall of the dry-dock to collect them. When you've collected all the coronas before the time runs out you completed the NRG-500 Challenge.


  • Collect the easy coronas first to gain time. The easier are those which lies in and around the dry-dock, not up in the air. This way you have more time to collect the tougher ones which are located in the air.
  • To get the high placed coronas above the edge, place the bike right in front of it and back up a bit. Go full throttle to gain enough speed and reach high enough to collect the corona. For the coronas above the bend edge see below.
  • To get the coronas above the bend edge start from the other side of the dry-dock, at the doors. Place the bike on the left-side if the corona is on the right, and vice versa. Gain as much speed as you can and when you're close, steer towards the corona. Now you'll drive somewhat straight up the wall with enough speed, so you should be reaching high enough to collect the corona.


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