Oysters 11-20 (GTA San Andreas)

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Oyster 11

Oyster number 11 is located at the base of the lighthouse at Santa Maria Beach, towards the sea.

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Oyster 12

This oyster can be found in Glen Park, between the motorway right across Los Santos and Jefferson. In the middle of Glen Park there is a pond and right in the middle of the pond you'll find oyster number 12.

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Oyster 13

This oyster can be found in northwest San Fierro. Between the shore and the first pillar of the gargantuan red bridge (Gant Bridge) you'll find the oyster at a certain depth.

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Oyster 14

Hug the coast of the San Fierro Bay which goes around San Fierro until you reach a carrier. It's located in Easter Basin Naval base. Stay on a safe distance, jump out of your vessel and swim as deep as possible under water towards the ship. The oyster is directly beneath the bow of the ship. When you reach the surface too early you'll risk a 5 star wanted level, so be sure you start with enough health. During the missions Amphibious Assault and Vertical Bird it's possible to collect this oyster without the risk of a 5 star wanted level.

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Oyster 15

Around the marine base where you found oyster 14 and parallel with the runway of the airport is a huge freighter. At the far end of the freighter, in deep water, you'll find oyster number 15. This freighter for that matter will be used for the Import/Export Mission of San Fierro.

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Oyster 16

Right between the Gant Bridge and the marine-base there's another freighter pretty far from the coast. You'll find it diagonal from Esplanade West, San Fierro. The oyster can be found at the bow of the freighter.

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Oyster 17

Close to the Gant Bridge and oyster number 13 you'll find crustacean number 17. It can be found at the backside of the big freighter, close to the anchor-chain. It's in deep water so dive well.

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Oyster 18

Oyster number 18 is located in a pond. Coming from Mount Chiliad in the direction of San Fierro over the motorway you'll come upon a tunnel at the Avispa Country Club. Just before the tunnel you'll find the pond at the right-hand side. The oyster can be found halfway the pond.

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Oyster 19

Close to the marine-base there are two gargantuan bridges: the Kincaid Bridge (railway-bridge) and the Garver Bridge. Beneath the Garver Bridge, two pillars from the shore, you'll find oyster number 19.

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Oyster 20

The last oyster of this page can be found at the end of the runway of Easter Bay Airport. Where the runway stops and the water begins you'll find oyster number 20 at a certain depth.

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