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Rockstar North logo

Rockstar North is a computer game developer. Their office is in the Scottish village, Leith (which is located near Edinburgh). The games designed by Rockstar North are published by Rockstar Games.


DMA Design logo

DMA Design was founded in the late eighties by Dave Jones. The company started with making (game) programs for the Amiga. In the early nineties, DMA Design got recognition after making the Lemmings series, which marked the beginning of DMA Designs success. Since the Lemmings series, DMA Design has been a well-known developer, but in 1997 the time had come. Grand Theft Auto was released.

In 1998, DMA Design was sold to Gremlin Interactive. In this period, games like Body Harvest and Wild Metal Country were made. Via a complicated deal DMA and BMG Interactive merged to form Rockstar Games, as the publishing label and daughter company of Take Two Interactive. In about this time the news followed the news that starter Dave Jones left DMA Design. Dave Jones continued with his newly founded company Real Time Worlds.

In 2001 the first Grand Theft Auto in TPV, Grand Theft Auto III, was released. Not much later DMA Design changed its name into Rockstar Studios, and finally into Rockstar North.


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