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A screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV

A screenshot or screen is a picture of your display. A screenshot is often used to show a beautiful picture; on WikiGTA and are many pictures of Grand Theft Auto. On a PC, screenshots are very easy to make. By pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard, and afterwards pasting it into a program like Paint or PhotoShop. To make a screenshot on a PlayStation or Xbox you need some other equipment so it's harder to take a screen on consoles. Before the release of a GTA game, Rockstar Games mostly shows some screenshots of the game to let people see how it will look like. These screenshots can be seen on fansites like In GTA San Andreas, it's even possible to make screens ingame, by using CJ's camera. After making the screens, they will appear in the map 'Gallery', in 'San Andreas User Files', in your Documents.

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