Search and Delete

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Mission in GTA IV
Rigged to Blow
Search and Delete
Easy as Can Be
Starts at BrucieMarker.png Brucie's garage
Given by Brucie
Reward $3500,=

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In this mission you will have to kill Brucie a traitor, Lyle Rivas, before he will be able to make some incriminating statements with the police. To find out where he lives, you have to get yourself a police car. Each police car has a computer in it in which you can find information about people with a criminal record. So go find yourself a police car. Once you have stolen one you will probably have a wanted level which you have to lose first.

When you have the police car and you are without wanted level you park the car and turn on the computer. Under “Search Police Records” you choose “Search by Name” and type “Lyle Rivas”. After a quick search the computer will find Lyle Rivas. Then you mark his address on the map. Turn off the computer and go to Lyle Rivas’ house. Once you are there you enter the apartment and walk into the marker. After that you will see a cut scene in which Lyle Rivas will flee. Run back to your car and chase him. Whack his car until he gets out of it and tries to run away. Then run him over, or kill him otherwise.


  • A very easy way to get you a police car is by calling 911. Then choose 1 and the police will appear to check out the scene. Wait for them and take their car.
  • While chasing him, Rivas will hit two trucks. The first time it will lose some tons and the driver will lose control over the truck. The second one will lose some tree-trunks and he will also lose control. So be careful!


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