The Big Ear

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The Big Ear

The Big Ear is a huge radio telescope in Bone County, San Andreas, near Fort Carson and Area 69. The name 'The Big Ear', given by local residents, is ironical, as there have been complaints that the radiation of the telescope causes children to be born without ears. The Big Ear serves no actual purpose in the story of GTA San Andreas, and is just a nice piece in the scenery.

The Big Ear in Ohio

'The Big Ear' was a radiotelescope in Ohio, although this was a completely different type of telescope, without the iconic dish. The real Big Ear searched for extraterrestrial lifeforms as a part of the SETI program. It has been dismantled in 1998.

WikiGTA uses The Big Ear as its logo since its creation. In Joriz' own words:

I can make up a whole story, but I just had a nice screen of the dish. It's a recognisable feature of GTA San Andreas. You could see the telescope as something that collects information from throughout the universe and uses it in one big project. In other words, WikiGTA.

The current logo in the left corner of every page on WikiGTA, has been made by Ewoud. The screenshot Joriz talks about can be seen on the Main Page, the page 'WikiGTA' and the WikiGTA portal.

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