The Master and the Molotov

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Mission in GTA IV
Rigged to Blow
The Master and the Molotov
Russian Revolution
Starts at DimitriMarker.png FireFly Island
Given by Dimitri Rascalov
Reward $125,=

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This time you will meet Dimitri without Faustin being there. The reason is obvious; because of his foolishness and having Lenny Petrovic killed the only thing that can be done is killing Faustin. Go to Perestroika, a spot you will find Faustin often. When you get there you will receive a text message from Dimitri in which he tells you he left you a bulletproof vest. Take it if you need it, because it will come in handy because of a fire fight.

Then enter the club to meet Faustin. After a short cut scene in which Niko and Faustin have an altercation you will have to kill his two guards. Once they are dead, you have to kill two more men that cover Faustin. Once they are all dead Faustin will flee through a door and he will send some more bodyguards to kill you. Kill them all when they come through the door and then follow Faustin. Go through the door, then to the right and straight on, and through another door you go outside. You will meet some more guards on your way. Once outside you must go to the right where you will see a stairway where you have to go up. Watch out for the guards on your way to the staircase.

Once you are upstairs you will meet Faustin alone. Ignore his shooting and walk up on the roof. Faustin will drop his weapon and say some more words to Niko. He will tell you that Dimitri has turned against him, and that he will also turn against Niko. Now you can use the execution method by aiming your pistol at Faustin and when the blinking red circle appears, you pull the trigger. After you have done that, Niko first shoots him in his foot and than in his stomach. Mikhail Faustin will fall over the edge and drop on the pavement in front of his club.


  • It will come in handy to select your pump shotgun, if you have one, before you enter the club. When Faustin sends his two guards after you it is better to walk backwards and shoot them. Then change to your pistol or Micro SMG to shoot the other guards.
  • A Micro SMG is not required, but it will come in handy because it shoots very fast and has more bullets in its magazine.


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