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Train in Grand Theft Auto · Vehicle list

Grand Theft Auto
Based on Unknown Seats Infinite Train in Grand Theft Auto
Code Location Liberty City
Vice City

Train in GTA2 · Vehicle list

Based on Unknown Seats 32 Train in GTA2
Code 59 Unknown Location Downtown

Train in GTA III · Vehicle list

Based on ZZUnknown Seats Train in GTA III
Code 124 TRAIN Weight 25500 kg
Top speed 140 km/u Gears 5
Acceleration 24m/s2 Transmission 4 WD
Engine Diesel Location none

Train in GTA Liberty City Stories · Vehicle list

GTA Liberty City Stories
Based on ZZUnknown Seats ZZUnknown Train in GTA Liberty City Stories
Top speed ZZUnknown Location None

The Train is a train or subway in several GTA's. It can be used to get around town fast. In the first Grand Theft Auto it is possible to highjack the train by pressing control [PC] after entering. You then can drive the train yourself, but be careful not to crash into a other train, which causes both trains to blow up immediately.

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