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Mission in GTA IV
Blood Brothers
I'll Take Her
Starts at After phone call
Given by Patrick McReary
Reward Unknown

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Patrick en Kate both will call you to invite you to the funeral of Derrick or Francis. You will have to wear the suit you already own or buy a new one at Perseus and you have to wear decent shoes. You will have to go to the church in Little Italy. Once you are there a cut scene will start. You will see the service of Derrick or Francis. When everybody wants to go to the cemetery, the Albanians attack, help Patrick to kill them. When they are all dead you will have to flee in the hearse to the cemetery, together with Patrick. The Albanians will try to stop you. The best thing to do is to kill the Albanians. When you drive to wild the coffin with Derrick or Francis in it might fall out of the hearse, in which case you fail the mission. So drive carefully! When you arrive at the cemetery you will see a cut scene in which Derrick or Francis will be buried and Kate will thank you.


  • Make sure you have fully automatic weapons with enough ammunition and armor.
  • When the Albanians arrive at the church, you can throw a grenade or shoot with a rocket launcher at the car, in which case they are all dead at once. When the Albanians chase you, you better get out of the car and kill them. If you do not want to do that, you can also kill the driver, so they will stop following you.


Derricks funeral
Francis funeral