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Hello! This is my user page of WikiGTA. :-)

At the moment I'm creating and editting articles concerning GTA: Chinatown Wars on the Dutch version of WikiGTA.

WikiGTA This member plays GTA on a personal computer.
Moderator This member is moderator on
Dutch WikiGTA This member is also working at the Dutch WikiGTA.
ATGikiW This member has absolutly no idea what it's doing here.
WikiGTA This member plays GTA on a Nintendo DS.
GTAgames This member is also frequently present at and
Grammar This member takes care of correct spelling and grammar.
? This member has got lost in the Hidden interiors universe
Firefox.jpg This member cruises the world wide web in its own style with Mozilla Firefox.
gta3.img This member edits articles about GTA2 modding.
Mature This member has an ESRB-rating of Mature: 17+.
GTA Chinatown Wars This member edits articles about GTA Chinatown Wars.
Buster This member is an official crashtest dummy.
Fear the BANbat! This member has a lot of respect for PatrickW's BANbat.