A Dish Served Cold

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Mission in GTA IV
One Last Thing
A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Starts at RevengeMarker.png Revenge
Given by None
Reward None

Main Page > GTA IV > Missions > A Dish Served Cold

Main Page > Grand Theft Auto IV > Missions > A Dish Served Cold

If you decide to take revenge on Dimitri you have to go to the cargo ship which is docked at the border of East Hook and Hove Beach. The ship is called “Platypus”; it is the same ship in which you arrived in Liberty City. When you approach the ship a cut scene will start. The Russians are loading heroin into the ship, and you will see Dimitri. He oversees the loading of the drugs, from the hold of the ship. To gain entrance to the hold, you will have to go to the bridge, from where the steering of the shutters is arranged.

Two men are next to a truck and a third one is on the gangway of the ship. Kill them first, together with the chauffeur who will come out of his truck. Use the gangway to get onto the ship and start killing everyone. Use the crates for cover while moving forward. Be careful, there are some of Dimitri’s men on the other side of the ship; you better kill them as well. Kill all the Russians while going towards the door. Once you get to the door you better take cover. Quickly kill the one who is close to you, in the kitchen. Then aim for the one next to the tables. Shoot him or throw a grenade. Once he is dead, you enter precautious. You better use a shotgun or, even better, a combat shotgun. Between the kitchen and the tables there will be someone in cover. Do not give him a chance and kill him. Then move towards the stairwell and kill the one on the stairs. Move up the stairs. Once you are upstairs you better take cover by the wall. Kill all the men in the sleeping chambers, using some grenades will make this easy. When you are sure everyone is dead, you better search the chambers. You will find a carbine rifle and amor. Once finished over there you go to the end of the hallway. Go outside and shoot some Russians. Go to the stairs, you will be shot from above. Kill this man and go upstairs. Go right and then left. Go towards the corner and take cover. Kill the man who is near the stairs and after that the one who is a level higher. Once he is dead you go upstairs. You now have reached the bridge, from where you control the shutters. Be careful, there will be someone left over there. Once he is dead, you go towards the marker and press the L1–button [PS3], the left bumper [X360] or E [PC]. Niko will now open the shutters.

The shutters are now open; you can go towards the hold where Dimitri is. Take the armor behind you and go outside. Kill as many men as possible from above. Go downstairs; you will meet up with some more of Dimitri’s men. Kill them all and go towards the shutters. Lower yourself through one of the shutters, a first aid kit will be there for you. Kill the last of Dimitri’s men, who are all behind some crates, and go towards Dimitri. A cut scene will start in which Dimitri sends some more men towards you. Kill them and then shoot Dimitri. A cut scene will start in which Niko tells Dimitri it is over. Dimitri responds by saying it is not a smart thing to kill him, but Niko answers he never was a popular kid. You regain control and you can choose how to kill Dimitri. All weapons will do, but the cruelest thing to do is the execution method with a pistol. Niko will shoot Dimitri in the legs, which causes Dimitri to go against the ground very painful. He will moan a bit, after Niko fires another bullet. Fatal, this time.

After you have left the ship, Niko will call Roman and tell him he did not made the deal, but that he took revenge on Dimitri and he killed him. Roman responds a little disappointed, but he understands. He asks you to come to his wedding the next day, and remembers you to wear a suit. Also Phil will call you. He understands you choice to kill Dimitri because he did not trust him as well. He tells you he can not talk to you any more, because Jimmy Pegorino is very angry, since ht e Pegorino family is no longer important.


  • Start with full health and armor, and weapons like a SMG, a combat shotgun, a carbine rifle and some grenades.
  • Once you go up the gangway onto the ship, a combat sniper and a carbine rifle will be on your right. There also will be a ladder, go up and up the stairs, you will find some grenades and armor.
  • On your way to the bridge, you will pass some sleeping chambers. In the first one on the left you will find a carbine rifle and in the second on the right you will find armor.
  • In the galley you will find a first aid kit to regain health.
  • Once you are on the bridge you will find armor
  • Use a sniper rifle to kill the men who are far away from you, they will not have a chance to kill you.


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