Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Mission in GTA IV
Three Leaf Clover
Actions Speak Louder than Words
I Need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle
Starts at GeraldMarker.png Gerald McReary's house
Given by Gerald McReary
Reward $9000,=

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Gerald wants to create some problems between the Ancelottis and the Albanians. You have to put a bomb on Tony Black's car. The bomb will be connected to a phone and it will blow when you dial a certain number. The bomb has to explode when they come back from their meeting. You will find the bomb in an alley near Inchon Avenue, Cerveza Heights. When you have got the bomb, you will have to call Gerald, who will tell you the meeting is in Little Italy. You will have to go there to place the bomb. Once you see the car, you have to walk to the rear and place the bomb. After that you have to get your own vehicle and park on the other side of the streets.

When the Ancelottis come outside and drive off, you have to follow them very carefully, without being seen! When you get to the meeting point, you will have to call Gerald (Gerry) using the ‘Detonate’ option. The car will explode, but not everyone will die. You will have to kill the survivors. It will give you a two star wanted level, which you have to loose to complete the mission.


  • Make sure you keep enough distance towards the Ancellotis, but do not get behind to far.
  • The survivors of the explosion are best killed using a sniper rifle.


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