Angels in America

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Mission in GTA IV The Lost and Damned
Clean and Serene
Angels in America
It's War
Starts at BillyMarker.png The Lost MC Clubhouse, Alderney
Given by Billy Grey
Reward $750,=

Main Page > GTA IV The Lost and Damned > Missions > Angels in America

Main Page > GTA IV The Lost and Damned > Missions > Angels in America

At the end of the first mission in which is explained you are responsible for the manpower of your brothers, the other members of The Lost. Besides the club house of The Lost has become your safe house. When entering the club house and walking along the bar, you'll find in the first corridor on the right a small storage with a mattress on the ground. This is the bed where you can save your game.

Before starting this mission, the atmosphere inside The Lost MC is shown by a cut scene. The members are laughing, cursing and making jokes. Johnny and Billy have some words with each other, until some of the other members yells that outside there are some "dead beats". The group directly go outside to see who is waiting for them. It seems to be a high-ranked member of the Angels of Death with some members of his gang. Billy has a conversation with the high-ranked member and accuse him of screwing up his party. The member of the Angels of Death tells Billy he thought the gangs had built up a reasonable friendship between them. Billy laughs at him and the Angels of Death make the intention for leaving. Then Billy takes his gun and shoots the high-ranked member in thee back. The other members of the Angels of Death flee on their bikes.

It's your job to kill these members before they call more members of the Angels of Death. The pursuit starts in Alderney before the club house and via the Booth Tunnel the flee of the Angels leads you to their club house in Algonquin. However, it isn't intended to let it get this far. While driving you'll use your Sawn-off shotgun to shot the bikers one by one. When you've killed the last biker, Johnny calls to Billy the Angels are defeated. Billy commands you to get back to him. In the north of Algonquin he's waiting for you. Billy makes clear he doesn't care anymore about the rival gang Angels of Death and shows Billy Grey has returned.


Unexpected visitors?
Billy shoots the high-ranked member in the back