Clean and Serene

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Mission in GTA IV The Lost and Damned
No mission needed
Clean and Serene
Angels in America
Liberty City Choppers
Starts at Alderney City, Alderney
Given by n/a
Reward $750,=
One Percenter

Main Page > GTA IV The Lost and Damned > Missions > Clean and Serene

Main Page > GTA IV The Lost and Damned > Missions > Clean and Serene

When starting The Lost and Damned first you see a cut scene, which starts at the club house of The Lost Motorcycle Club. Johnny Klebitz is walking with a group of gang members outwards, then stepping on to the bikes for driving to Billy Grey. The different characters are introduced on the way to Grey. First you see Johnny Klebitz, the vice-president of The Lost. Next we see Jimmy Fitzgerald, the paymaster. If you look carefully, you'll see a shot of Niko Bellic, the main character of the original GTA IV. The other gang members we see are Brian Jeremy, clerk, Terrence “Terry” Thorpe, weapon supplier of the club, Jason Michaels, macho, and finally Clayton “Clay” Simons, the captain.

After introducing the characters, you'll see a new cut scene where Billy Grey has been told to stay clean, otherwise he'll be arrested again. If the serving cops had the power Billey wouldn't be a free man right now. But it seems he has improved his live and may continue his life in the society while he stays out of trouble. Billy is collected by the members of The Lost and he gets his familiar outfit from Johnny. At the front of the jacket you'll notice Billy is the president of The Lost.

...Clean and Serene

Now you'll get the instruction to bring The Lost back to the club house in Acter. With Billy back on your bike you simply have to follow the instructed route. Meanwhile Billy let you now that he hopes you've led the gang well during his absence. When arrived at the club house, stop in the yellow marker to start the next cut scene. This one shows the gang members which are happy with the return of their leader. When Billy enters the house they all cheer and drink. Billy wants to get back to the daily routine as fast as possible, so he asks Johnny where his bike is. Johnny explains the gang doesn't have the bike, because they had other business to do. Billy asks him what could be more important than the bike of your best friend and commands Johnny to get his bike. He could not believe his bike is not taken back, while Johnny don't get why Billy cares about it this much. They have done everything for Billy: paying the rent and the rehab, Billy's lawyers, everything. Jimmy Fitzgerald sees the conflict starts to be out of control and jumps between them: "Let's go, we'll get it."

The real mission starts now: it seems that some Pretty Boy of the Chop Shop at Guantanamo Avenue knows something about the missed bike of Billy, so you have to drive to the Chop Shop. Once again Billy is at the back of your bike and he asks you if you could accept he'll the leader again. Johnny doesn't care about it if Billy does his job well. Once arrived at the Chop Shop Pretty Boy tries to assure he doesn't know about any bike. But soon he tells he had the bike The Lost is looking for, but he hasn't it anymore and he don't know where it is right now. At this point the bikers had have enough of it and they start another bike, which stands upside down in the garage. Johnny puts Pretty Boy's face against the turning wheel and it has the result they hoped for: Pretty Boy tells them the Angels of Death have the bike, in Northwood. The Lost leaves, but not before Billy throws a hammer in the face of Bretty Boy. Now you have to drive to the location of the rival gang and kill all the Angels. To do this job you'll get a sawn-off shotgun with more than enough bullets to complete the mission. Simply shoot all the Angels and the mission is as good as completed. A good way to get rid of the Angels fast is to shoot at the barrels: they'll explode when you hit them.

When finished the job, Billy takes the lead in driving back to the club house, while you have to stay behind him. When driving in formation, in the middle of the group a badge of The Lost Motorcycle Club appears on the road. When you or your bike aren't in top condition anymore, you could drive on it to restore the health of you and your bike. Once arrived at the club house, the mission is over.


The Lost in formation.
Billy is retrieved.
"Get my bike!"