Body Harvest

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
First Date and
first Catalina-mission
Body Harvest
King in Exile
Starts at Marker Motel Angel Pine
Given by The Truth
Reward Respect

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The Truth calls you and starts talking strangely. Go to the TheTruthMarker.gif sign on the radar and step into the marker to start the mission. You'll have to steal a Combine Harvester from a farm for The Truth. Before going to the farm be sure to have enough ammo, body armor and a good weapon. The hill-billies will be shooting with rifles so it's important you kill them before they have a chance to pull the trigger.

When the farmers are dead go to the Combine Harvester and get the driver out of it. Kill him before he gets a chance to shoot you. Once in the Combine Harvester move in the direction you came from to get away from the farm. Some farmers will be standing on the road, but that's not a problem at all! Drive straight over them, the blades on the front of the Combine Harvester will shred them in pieces! Their remains will be spit out at the back.

When you reach the main road you'll be chased by some farmers, but don't let them bother you too much. Concentrate on steering and when you reach the red marker, drive into it.


  • Get a heavy truck and drive straight to the Combine Harvester, just ignore the farmers. This saves a lot of time and bullets and above all it's much safer.
  • Go around the farm to the back of it, this way you'll draw less attention from the farmers.
  • If the chasers in the Walton are giving you a hard time step out of the Combine Harvester and kill the one shooting at you.
  • Once you've left the farm concentrate on the handling of the Combine Harvester. It steers with the small rear wheels which can be difficult and the Combine Harvester will explode easily once it turns on it's side.


On the Sanchez.
In the Combine Harvester.
Escape 1.
Escape 2.
At The Truth.
Mission passed!