Bryce's Infernus

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Mission in GTA IV
Buoys Ahoy
Bryce's Infernus
No next mission
Starts at BernieMarker.png Middle Park East
Given by Bernie Crane
Reward Infernus

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After you completed Buoys Ahoy you will receive a phone call from Bernie. He wants to thank you for everything you have done for him and because of that he gives you a yellow-orange Infernus. This sports car actually belongs to his boyfriend Bryce Dawkins, the major. But he never uses it and he does not know Bernie is giving it to Niko. The only thing you have to do in this mission is to pick up the Infernus from the alley behind Bernie’s house at Ivy Drive South. This is by far the easiest mission, you can not fail!


  • This mission is not necessary to complete the game for 100%. You can leave the car at the parking until you want to use it.
  • Bryce’s Infernus also appears in The Lost and Damned. Thomas Stubbs III asks Johnny Klebitz to equip the car with a microphone. After that, Johnny gets a phone number which he can use to listen to some of the conversations that are held in the car. You will hear Bernie talking about his relationship with Bryce, Bernie talking about Luis Lopez and you will hear Niko fighting with the police while he is in the car.


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