Bull in a China Shop

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Mission in GTA IV
Easy Fare
Bull in a China Shop
Hung Out to Dry
Starts at VladMarker.pngComrades Bar
Given by Vladimir Glebov
Reward $50,=
Possibility to take a taxi

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An older man who owns a little china shop has not paid Vlad his protection money in months. He will not take this any longer and he sends Niko to deal with it. He offers Niko a baseball bat, but Niko says he will not need it. Once you are outside you go to the shop by car or taxi. Once you get there the man will not take you for serious and he refuses to give the money. To show him that you are really serious, Niko decides to smash a window. Go to the blip on the radar and pick up a brick. Take the brick back to the shop and throw it through one of the windows. Once the glass is broken a cut scene will start in which the shop owner will pay Niko the money. Now you have to go back to Vlad in the Comrades Bar and deliver the money to him, and the mission will be succeeded.


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