Chiliad Challenge

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Mount Chilliad
Chiliad Challenge
Requires The Green Sabre
40% cycling skill
Available between 7:00-18:00
Location Top of the Mount Chiliad, Badlands
Goal Win 3 races
Reward $3500
A step closer to the 100%

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The Chiliad Challenge consists of three races. You'll start with the Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route, followed by the Birdseye Winder Yellow Route and it ends with the Cobra Run. The purpose is to complete every Chiliad race on a mountainbike. You start at the top of the Mount Chiliad by jumping on the mountainbike, and the race ends at the bottom of the mountain, near the advertisement signs. In the first two races you will have to compete five other people, but in the last race you face only two competitors. Because the track isn't very wide it's possible to fall off the mountain and/or your bike. The game will put you back to the previous checkpoint if you fall off the mountain, and you'll be given 25 seconds to get back on your bike if you've fell off the bike. When you win the first race, you unlock the next. Between the races it's possible to save the game so you don't have to pass them after eachother. The order of doing the races is always the same, you can't choose which one you want to do first.

Chilliad Challenge races

  • Never do a drive-by on your competitors. If you do, the challenge ends and you loose.
  • After winning a race it's recommended to save the game. In this way you're sure you don't have to do the race again if something happens.
  • Try to start the mission with 100% Cycling skill. You will not fall off your bike as much, you can steer a lot better and your control over the bike in general will be much better. All this makes the race a lot easier.
  • Use the straight parts of the race to get speed, and brake when you are going into the corners. This way you won't loose much time. However, make sure you don't do a stoppie when braking, if you do you shouldn't brake as fast as you're doing.
The start
The finish

Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route

This is the first race of the challenge. The start is at the top of Mount Chiliad. After the start there will be a lot of turns, coming fast after eachother. After each turn there's a short straight part, which is followed by another turn. Therefore it's best to slow down before the turn and gain speed back when you exit the turn. The radar will show you how many turns you have left to do, and you can estimate how fast you can go through the turn based on how sharp the corners looks on that radar. The first seven turns are closely after eachother, after that you get longer straight parts. Use these to gain a lot of speed and overtake any other competitor until you are in first place. Be careful of the last corner, you don't want to fall of the mountain that close to the finish.

CC1START copy.jpg
CC1Half copy.jpg
CC1Win copy.jpg

Birdseye Winder Yellow Route

This is the second race, and this one consists only of 11 turns. Also, the race is the longest of the challenge. The race is easier because of the long straight parts in it. The first five checkpoints are the same as the first race, but after that you have to cycle straight ahead, cycling around the whole mountain. Again, gain speed on the straight parts and brake when you come near a turn, and start gaining speed after the turn. At checkpoint 23 you cycle past the shed where the Snitch is hiding in the mission Badlands. If you haven't given it your best, now is the time, as there is a long straight part up ahead. You should be able to get the first place and/or keep it on this part. If you manage to do that, you win the race and you can start the last one.

CC2Start copy.jpg
CC2Splitsing copy.jpg
CC2Vreemd copy.jpg
The shed
CC2uitzicht copy.jpg

Cobra Run

The Cobra run starts on the same location as the other two races, on top of the Mount Chiliad. However, the real startline is not the same, it's closer to the bottom of the mountain. When the race starts you have to cycle straight ahead for a while. Then you have to go down via the mountain wall, and you end up on a wooden track on poles. This is the hard part of the race, keeping your bike on the track is very difficult. It's wise to concentrate on keeping the bike on the track and forget about speed a bit, although you shouldn't be walking over it either. When you manage to clear the wooden track, a muddy piece of the race lies ahead of you. After that you have to do a stunt by cycling over a ramp. After landing theres another turn waiting for you, and then you have the last part ahead of you, a cave. If you reach the finishline as first you win the race and the challenge. Congratulations!

CC3 Start copy.jpg
CC3 1e jump1 copy.jpg
CC3 1e jump schans copy.jpg
CC3 1e jump schans1 copy.jpg
CC3 1e jump schans3 copy.jpg

Bug abuse

There is a way to win this race without much effort, which isn't unwelcome as some people think the races are a real pain. Usually the races end when you open fire on your opponents. This is true for all weapons, except for the Sniper Rifle. To win the race with it, do the following:

  • Make sure you have the Sniper Rifle before the race starts, with at least five bullets.
  • Start the race, but don't sprint as long as you can stick with the peloton. Just cycle through every checkpoint and make your way down to the finish.
  • If you're in first place when you are near the finish, just win the race. If not, get off your bike just in front of the finish. A time will start running because you've left your bike.
  • Grab the Sniper Rifle and start aiming at the opponents. You had to stick with the peloton because else there's a chance the opponents are already gone. So, aim at the opponents and shoot them one by one until they're dead. If you look closely at your position in the race, you will see you're winning a place every time you shoot an opponent. When you've killed every other competitor, return to your bike and cycle over the finish line.
  • This works for all three races.