Concrete Jungle

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Mission in GTA IV
Jamaican Heat
Concrete Jungle
Starts at LittleJacobMarker.png Jacob's apartment
Given by Little Jacob
Reward $200,=

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In this mission by Little Jacob you have to accompany him to a deal again. This time however he thinks it is a trap and het asks you to wait behind the building. You will receive a phone call from Jacob with the announcement that his suspicions appear to be true. Three dealers are trying to escape thru the alley behind the building. You have to kill them. The easiest way is to run them over. When they are not dead, two of them will open fire upon you, so try to run them over the first time.

When the drug dealers are dead, you have to pick up Little Jacob at the front of the building. He wants to take revenge on those who have set him and Badman up. He asks you to come along to a house in Meadows Park. When you get there he asks you to come with him, Niko agrees. Follow him up the stairs and take cover against the wall by pressing the L1-button [PS3], the left shoulder button [X360] or A [PC]. Jacob will now crush the door. The first dealer will come down the stairs, aim at him and open fire. Niko will leave his cover automatically, and start to shoot. Once the first drug dealer is shot, you will be under fire from a room by a pump shotgun. Since the both of you do not have a clear shot, Jacob asks you if it is possible to see the dealer thru the window. Move towards the window by moving to the left. Aim at the dealer and shoot him. Once you killed this dealer Jacob will enter the house. Go back to the door and follow him. There are two more dealers to shoot. Aim at them and open fire.

After you killed the two dealers a short cut scene will begin in which there will be told you can use "first aid kits" to restore your health. Get the first aid kit which is on the table and go back outside. The last thing to do is to bring Jacob back to the café.


Taking cover and shooting while in cover.

  • You take cover with the L1-button [PS3], the left shoulder button [X360] or A [PC].
  • Aiming and shooting from cover is about the same as usual. You aim with L2 [PS3], left trigger trigger [X360], or the right mouse button [PC]. Niko will now look around the corner.
  • You can now leave your cover and open fire by pressing the R1-button [PS3], the right trigger [X360], or the right mouse button [PC].
  • You can also use blind fire. This is shooting from cover, without showing yourself. You do this by shooting without aiming. The disadvantage is that it is not precise, and you will have few hits. So it is best used on short range, you will have the best hit rate. Especially shotguns will do fine in this situation.
  • [Option] When using auto aim on the Play Station 3 or the Xbox 360 you can switch targets quickly using the right joystick. You can do this while aiming, but also during shooting.

For more information: Controls (GTA IV)


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