Customs Fast Track

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Test Drive
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward $10,000.= when delivered without damage.
A Savanna spawns
in Wang Cars.

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Go together with Cesar in his red Savanna to the big crane at the docks to steal a Jester. You have to get three freight containers off the ship using the crane. The Jester will always be in the third freight container. Make sure you don't drop the container, otherwise the car will be destroyed and the mission will be failed. Lower the freight container gently into the marker.

Be careful: as soon as you have the Jester some security guards will try to prevent you taking the car with you. Kill the three groups, which are coming to you, and drive back to your garage in Doherty.


To the crane!
Place the crate in the marker.
The Jester is found.
Kill the dock-guards.
Mission passed!