Puncture Wounds

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds
No next mission
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward $5,000.=
Asset of $8.000,=
A Stratum spawns
in Wang Cars.

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In this mission you'll have to steal a Stratum from a reckless driver, which Cesar couldn't get. For this mission you will get a Tampa with three stingers, which you have to use for puncturing the cars tires.

Drive to the Stratum at the end of the motorway. You have to overtake the car and drive in front of it, which is tricky because the driver drives very fast and does a lot of manoeuvres. As soon as you drive in front of the Stratum you've to use a stinger to puncture the tires. The driver will get out, now you'll get a phonecall from Cesar, where Carl says he acquired the car. CJ will repair the tires with some nasty repair stuff and you've to drive the Stratum back to the Doherty Garage.

Mission passed!


Hanging out.
Driving to the reckless driver.
Try to overtake the driver.
Popped the tires, get in the car.
Back at the garage.
Mission passed!