Dirt Track

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Dirting Stadium
Dirt Track
Requires 20% Bike Skill
Only on Monday and Wednesday
Location Marker Dirtring Stadium
Blackfield, Las Venturas
Goal Win after 6 rounds
Reward BF Injection

This event is located together with Kickstart in one stadium. It's a difficult motor cross driven on a Sanchez, which consists of 6 rounds. If you have started the race in the Dirting Stadium, you will have to race with 11 opponents. It's track is bumpy and you will have to stunt a lot, meaning you can easily fall off your bike. In case you fall off, you have 25 seconds to get on your bike again. You can only start this event on Mondays and Wednesdays. By pressing Tab [PC], L1 [PS2] or by pressing Left Trigger [Xbox] you are able to see the current day of the week.


  • Try to finish the Bike School as best as possible. This school is situated south of the Dirting Stadium. If you finish a challenge and make it to gold, you will get much more 'Bike skill' than when you make it to bronze. The more 'Bike skill' you have, the less chance you have of falling of your bike, allowing you to make some crazy stunts during the event.
  • Try to lean to the front when you jump over a hill, it will make you land on two wheels. By doing so, you decrease the chance of falling off your bike.
  • Try to drive at the side of the raceway during the first round. Your opponents will fall off their bike at the first jumps, so you can easily overtake them, as you will not jump on top of them.