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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Dirting Stadium
Requires Only on Tuesday and Thursday till Sunday
Location Marker Las Venturas Dirting Stadium
Blackfield, Las Venturas
Goal 26 points or more
Reward Dune

Kickstart is an evenement in the Las Venturas Dirting Stadium. This event is way different compared to Dirt Track, as it is no race; it's rather a stunting event. You have to beat the score set by the record holder. The current record is 25 points and you have to beat that in 4 minutes. You will have to drive your Sanchez through different markers spawned in the stadium. The markers have different color, and every color has it's own reward. The more points you will get for the marker, the harder it is to drive or jump through it.

  • Green: 1 point
  • Orange: 2 points
  • Red: 3 points

In case you fall off your bike during a stunt, you will have 30 seconds to get Carl back on the Sanchez. This event cannot be started on Mondays and Wednesdays. By pressing Tab [PC], L1 [PS2] or by pressing Left Trigger [Xbox] you are able to see the current day of the week.


  • Try to finish the Bike School as best as possible. This school is situated south of the Dirting Stadium. If you finish a challenge and make it to gold, you will get much more 'Bike skill' than when you make it to bronze. The more 'Bike skill' you have, the less chance you have of falling of your bike, allowing you to make some crazy stunts during the event.
  • Try to do get the green markers first. They are relatively easy and you might get a good start getting those 26 points. If you have gone through most of the green markers, you should try to get those of the other colors which look easy. When you have some decent motor bike skills, it's recommended to get the orange and red markers first, to save time.