Final Interview

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Mission in GTA IV
Call and Collect
Final Interview
Holland Nights
Starts at FrancisMarker.png LCPD Headquarters (Winstminster)
Given by Francis McReary
Reward $1000,=

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Part I: Final Interview...

Francis McReary wants you to kill a lawyer, Tom Goldberg. Because it is difficult to get to this guy, he has come up with a plan. You have to get a job at the lawyer firm. When you are invited for a job interview you will be able to get close to him and kill him. So go to the local marker internet café and click on the advert “Need Legal Help?”. When you are on the site, you press the “Careers”-button. Then click the “Submit Resume”-button, scroll down and press the “Submit Resume”-button again. Now you have made and sent a résumé and eventually you will get a phone call from the lawyer firm. The appointment will be at 12:00. All you need to do now is buy a suit. Go to one of the ClothesMarker.png Perseus locations and buy a suit. Notice that it has to be a suit with a tie! You also have to buy some nice shoes. After you've done all that, you are ready for the job interview.


  • You are not obligated to arrange the job interview from an internet café, you can also send Niko’s résumé from a PC somewhere else, like the one in your Penthouse in eastern Algonquin.
  • If you are short on time you better buy your clothes at the Perseus in the south of Algonquin, it is near the lawyer firm.

Garments like hats and glasses bought in another store will not be accepted for the job interview.

Part II: ...Final Interview

After you have sent your résumé and while wearing your suit you can go to the marker LawyerMarker.png at the tie-icon in The Exchange in southern Algonquin. Walk to the reception desk. When you are there a receptionist will call mister Goldberg and ask him if it is okay for you to go to his office. Goldberg will be okay with it and the receptionist will ask you to follow her. Do so and let her guide you to his office. Once you are in a conversation with Goldberg, you have to select your gun. Aim for Goldberg and kill him. Then you have to take the papers from his desk. Now you have to escape the office. Make your way out shooting. When you come to the front door it appears to be locked. Quickly go to the stairs and go downstairs. Watch out for the security guards. Once you are downstairs some cops will enter the building; shoot them and go outside. Steal a police car and escape your three star wanted level. Once you have done that you have to bring the papers to Francis.


  • Kill Goldberg with a knife and then smash the window behind his desk with the knife. If you jump out through the window you will not get a wanted level and you can go to Francis without being chased.


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