Call and Collect

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Mission in GTA IV
The Puerto Rican Connection
Call and Collect
Harboring a Grudge
Final Interview
Starts at VraagtekenMarker.png Pier at Castle Gardens
Given by Francis McReary
Reward $1000,=

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When you arrive at the “Unknown Contact”, it appears to be Francis McReary. He wants you to deal with someone who is blackmailing him. Go to the marker which is on your radar. When you get there McReary tells you he was supposed to call the blackmailer from the watch-point and to leave the money over there. This means the blackmailer must be somewhere near and holding a cell-phone. McReary sends you the blackmailers phone number by text message so you can call him, because whoever picks up the phone, must be the blackmailer. After you received the text-message you select the blackmailer and call him, by choosing Options and dialling 843 555 0124. Look around, and check out who answers a phone call and/or who is on the phone. When you are close to the blackmailer, you will hear everything twice: Once through the phone, and once from his mouth because he is standing close to you. Once you have found him, you have to take him down. After you have done that, you must pick up the device that holds the photos. Now you will have a two star wanted level, so first you have to lose the cops. After that you have to take the photos to McReary. Mission accomplished.


Do not stay at the top of the stairs, but go downstairs. You will get a better view at who answers his phone. The blackmailer will be at the bottom of the right stairs, on a bench on the left. You can recognize him by his yellow hood, his grey coat and his green trousers.


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